Priscilla Ortiz

I am a Los Angeles based artist with a love of visual art, music, and technology.  One of my favorite aspects of being a visual artist is the way the process lends  itself to experimentation. My work explores new combinations generated from  both simple and complex elements. Within my paintings I analyze emotionality  as a central theme. As feelings and experiences become reconfigured through  critical examination, the viewer is invited to dive into different manifestations of  those moments that have left a personal imprint on me. I’ve been told my  paintings bring about thoughts of spirituality and soul concepts which I can  relate to, as I believe we connect to those realms through art. With influences as  diverse as Lucien Freud to Andrew Thomas Huang, I examine new tensions  presented from combining both classic materials such as oil paint and new  media like augmented reality. My creative process always includes merging of  old and new, deep investigation, and the bold space that allows for full  abandon. My oil paintings themselves lean toward abstract surrealism, with the  addition of augmented reality — in some cases, up to 600 layers of animated  frames — the metaphors truly come alive. Each piece is carefully designed to  allow the viewer, and myself as the maker, the full spectrum of experience. 

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I am represented on Artsy by Shockboxx Gallery in Hermosa Beach, California  and Cedar Street Galleries in Honolulu, Hawaii. My artwork has been featured by  Shockboxx Gallery, Venice Art Crawl, United Colors of LA, Unita Club, Girl Fest  Hawaii, Art Share LA, Downtown Art Walk, Cedar Street Galleries, Surfing the  Nations, and the El Segundo Artwalk.  

In 2017 I founded Night Owl Studio, a non-profit organization that facilitates  workshops for the community in several areas of interest including art, tech, and  developmental workshops. I also facilitates workshops for the Museum of Latin 

American Art in Long Beach California and several nonprofit organizations  throughout Los Angeles.