Photo of B Sotomayor

The abstract world of objects and shapes, where elements of precision are at play engages my curiosity.  What’s frustrating is the lack of depth and three-dimensionality in a two-dimensional plane.  This visual interpretation led me to study Fine Art and Industrial Design.  Combining these two disciplines led me to create my own style of art: Geo-Mechanical Abstract Art.  With technology becoming more evident in our society, my art bridges the gap between art and its technical narrative.  It is a playful/energetic combination of geometric shapes and influences of mechanical drawing.

When I create a work of art that involves the human experience, an idea will come to me that will guide me in how I will create it.  Sometimes it involves what is happening at that moment in time, or it may be a concept.  Either way the paper, along with my spirit, will guide me in its creation.  My art does not reflect necessarily male or female but a human aspect of all of us.