​David Straange is a painter working in a diverse range of media embracing the intersection of Expressionism, Minimalism, Conceptualism, Abstraction, Street Art, Neo-Geometric Conceptualism and Fauvism. His work explores the subconscious through intuitive abstraction. He explores the idea of the repressed subconscious through abstraction. Drawing from a diverse range of African-Polynesian mythology to the psychology of Jung and Freud, David is interested in externalizing the interior experience of the mind and the factors that shape it. He sees art as a looking glass into the future of the human consciousness and how it effects our actions. When David paints, He experiences prophetic visions and experiences deja-vu within the first 5 minutes. He often wonders about our bodily reactions under intense pressure, and to channel that into a calm exhibition of grace and class. He experiences this through rigorous painting or extreme lengths (moments) of solitude. These moments of solitude give him insight on when the anima becomes consciousness. He brings a visceral communication of southern hospitality coveted in a hourglass of self-reflection. His work conveys cyclical everyday chaos of city-life that is likened to be perceived as order when the sun falls and rises. His study of Numerology, Latin and various etymology recombines the primal and civil; The unsophisticated urges and primordial flesh that we often suppress in the regular rush of worldliness.